Losing the good fight

Been in  business for over 36 years and have seen a lot of changes in the Industry. We started out riding the Pans & Shovels and then along came the Evos. Solid bike and that along with the preconceived biker lifestyle enticed mainstream public to buy Harleys. Chopper time came with the Orange County Choppers show and everyone wanted to build a custom. That went away around 2005 when the country plunged into what I call a depression. Many bike shops vanished because of the economics. Dug out of that one to face strongest competition yet the internet. Now people would rather buy from an internet company to maybe save a couple of bucks. More shops closing just like the mainstream stores that are disappearing. Wake up America before all you have left is internet stores with no local people working and no shops left. I keep hanging in there but am getting tired of the stupid bullshit that comes with owning a small business.