Internet Buying. from an Old Store Dog.

Almost everyday I encounter someone that will ask me questions about a certain product. How it fits , how it works, how much it is and my professional opinion about the fitment and usefulness of a part. After taking time to explain to them about and trying to sell the product to them this happens. They tell me they will look on line for it because it will be cheaper.
I myself would never be so rude to someone that actually took time to help me. There are plenty of people out there that always buy online and then come to me if they need a special part or need it right now. Then when we have an event they are all here , eating our food, listening to the bands , going on the rides like they think they are entitled to

. Wake up people . Small bike shops and local stores are closing because of this. You have made the world into a Walmart society. Cheap, cheap !

An Old Store Dog