A Bikers December in Michigan

December in Michigan !

Not my favorite time of the year for being a biker.Temperature is getting colder and the ground is freezing and soon the ground will be white .

No riding time of the year but I still try to get out when the occasional heat wave visits us. Thankful that we have the Holidays this time of year just to keep us somewhat sane. Also having a bike shop this time of year can suck. Not much business and the bills keep piling up. You think I would be used to it going into my 40th year of retail.

Suck it up Buttercup as I sometimes say.

Lets be thankful for what we do have this year.
I`m thankful I still have my lovely assistant around to pester me.
It has been a good and bad year for her but things are looking better .

Don`t forget your local non profit charity’s this time of year.


Merry Christmas